The Blessed Sacraments

Sacrament of Baptism

Parents must call the parish office at least 3 months prior to the Baptism.  Baptism is ordinarily celebrated on the second Sunday of the month during 10:30a.m. Mass.


Children receive their First Eucharist during their second grade year after fulfilling all the necessary requirements as administered by St. Gabriel parish or their Catholic School. They usually also receive First Reconciliation at this time. Please note, children must have been baptized to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. To register your child for Catechism Classes in preparation for Reconciliation and First Eucharist, please contact the parish office. Two consecutive years of sacramental preparation is required prior to receipt of these sacraments

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Confessions are heard Saturdays from 3:15-3:45PM. The sacrament is also available by appointment.

Sacrament of Confirmation

Juniors in high school receive the Sacrament of Confirmation after completing two years of necessary catechetical preparation and class requirements. Please contact the parish office to register your child for sacramental preparation classes. Adults wishing to receive the Sacrament should contact the parish office.

Sacrament of Matrimony

As soon as a decision to marry is reached, an appointment should be arranged by the couple with the priest to begin the process of marriage preparation.  This should be at least 1 year in advance of the anticipated wedding date.  Reservations should not be made with a reception hall before setting the date and time of the wedding with the church. General information about Catholic marriage is available at the For Your Marriage web site.

Sacrament of Holy Orders and Religious Vocations

God tells us an amazing thing: that even before he created us he knew us and called us. However, this does not mean that we always automatically know for sure what we are called to do in life. As we grow and life progresses, he makes it known to us, usually in indirect ways. If you think that there is a seed of interest within you, find out more about a call to the consecrated, religious or priestly life by contacting the Vocations Office.

Anointing of the Sick

Anointing and Holy Communion are available to the elderly and infirm upon request. Families are asked to notify the parish office when someone is sick, shut-in, or hospitalized, and unable to attend mass to arrange a visit.